08 May

How to Make a Viral Video

videoOne of the strongest cultural trends the Internet has created and continues to substantiate is our fascination, and sometimes obsession, with viral videos. We’ve all seen the crazy madcap adventures of toddlers and animals as well as the controversial exploitative behaviors of certain celebrities and political figures. And while many of us are simply fascinated with and repeatedly watch these captivating videos, others have greater ambitions in mind and realize the exposure potential as well as financial gain that can be had by them. And the burning question on these people’s minds is how to create the next great viral video. This is one of the first considerations to effectively manage social media resources.

The first thing we need to consider is what are the common elements in the videos that have already reached that iconic viral status? We’ve already mentioned that charming exploits of toddlers and controversial elements of popular personalities. Don’t forget that animals, especially dogs and cats are constantly doing adorable or unbelievable things. Sometimes too an incredible and unique performance by a human that demonstrates a rare talent by an unknown, and usually underdog, personality can cause a sensation and sweep the digital signal waves. If you’re looking to create your own great viral video those are some aspects to keep in mind. And if you believe you’ve found the next great tenor, guitar star or other musician of virtuoso potential, you would do well to create a short video that demonstrates their amazing talent.

In the past, it was a common ambition to get that perfect shot of crazy family moments and submit the footage to popular shows such as America’s Funniest Home videos. Meanwhile, bloopers from our favorite television shows were frequently more popular than the show itself. It seems we all love mishaps and the unexpected. Researchers who study the popularity of these videos claim it’s the fundamental human emotion element that we relate to. If you’re trying to create your own viral video, it’s a good idea to follow the example bloopers and funny home videos and try and recreate these situations, or variations of them, for your camera. Who knows, your child, animal, or hidden talent might be the next to receive millions of views and become known in households across the world.

For businesses, figuring out the best way to showcase your products or services in a fresh and exciting way is the best strategy. Figure out how to create your own “Will It Blend?” campaign or find an attractive spokesperson with a distinctive style and personality, ala the new Old Spice guy. Pay careful attention to production values and then make use of existing social media profiles and accounts to begin sharing the video with your followers and brand advocates. The rest is up to them.

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  1. Obviously different people like different things; while ladies might appreciate the cute antics of a child, guys might have a greater appreciation for latest videos from race car drivers. While there are some videos that are sure to be a hit, sometimes it seems to be the right video on the right site at the right time. And the continued growth of social media helps them spread even faster!

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