18 Feb

Video Sharing App: Mindie

The story of Mindie is one that everyone can appreciate.  A tale of rising from defeat and achieving success greater than you ever imagined.  A tale that is sure to inspire entrepreneurs everywhere not to give up on their dreams.

MindieMindie was developed by a team in France but it was not their first product.  Their original app, Ever, was in post development but not taking off like they had hoped.  As a storytelling app it allowed users to link a series of pictures together with a soundtrack; although it looked good it was complex to create and view videos.  Overall it wasn’t very user friendly.  After reaching out to others in the industry for feedback they soon realized that they were going to have to make some changes.

This is the decision point, a place every innovator has been.  Listening to criticism that may at times seem harsh, being willing to make changes that may seem drastic, balancing what needs to be done while remaining true to yourself and your dream; the road to success is rarely easy but the bumps and turns along the way often lead to something even greater.

The team knew they needed to come up with something else and they needed to do it quickly.  They listened to the feedback they were hearing from everyone around them and from that Mindie was born.  Mindie allows users to choose a song and record a short video.  Its functions are simple and easy to use, greatly improving the user experience.

Despite all of the positive changes they were unable to convince French investors to sign on, so they came to the US—mainly New York City and San Francisco.  It didn’t take long for SV Angel to make the decision to invest and begin developing a seed round for other investors.  They were so successful they had to turn investors away; including those in France who were now having second thoughts.  The team that created an app that never even made it to the app store now had an app that raised over $1 million.

The team has big dreams for Mindie; hoping to follow in the footsteps of MTV by allowing users to create their own unique music videos and reshaping music video creation for the mobile generation.  Relocating to San Francisco, the development team is geared up and ready to push Mindie to her greatest potential yet.

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