30 Oct

Money Mutual Videos

It’s not enough for businesses to have a clean, well-designed website anymore. They need to expand into all areas of online marketing and one of the most effective ways to do that is through the use of videos.

Research has shown that videos are more engaging to viewers than reading content on a webpage. Businesses can use video to promote their business and increase brand awareness. Statistics shows that people share links to video more often than they do with webpages or articles. Because of this, the use of video allows a business to get more exposure to people they would otherwise not interact with.

Take the video commercial for Money Mutual as an example. They took a previous television commercial and put it online. This allows them to make something available that is already recognizable and high quality and make it available for internet users to find through search.

Another option for using video is to create a recognizable series that promotes the brand while entertaining viewers.

Posting commercials online is a more effective way to be seen than through television commercials since more people watch recorded TV through a DVR or streaming online. Businesses that place their video ads on popular webpages will be seen by more people; therefore, increasing the awareness of the company.

If a business creates an effective video that captures people’s attention, they can reap the rewards of a growing fan base. When a video is seen on a video sharing site, it can build a community of followers. When one person likes a video, they will share it with their friends who will then share it with other people. This is basically no-cost advertising after the initial expense of filming the videos. Another benefit of video sharing sites is that people will listen to someone else before they will pay attention to an advertiser.

To be successful with this endeavor, businesses must invest in creating a quality video or like Money Mutual, use a television ad that was well made. The company also takes advantage of a well-known figure with Montel Williams to inspire trust in internet viewers just like they did for television viewers. By seeing an online video that has been shown in other media, it gives the company more credibility.

Businesses cannot afford to discount the influence of video sharing sites. After all, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. If you conduct a search for Money Mutual for videos, their YouTube Channel, http://www.youtube.com/moneymutual, is number one; this proves the power of video in search results.

Videos are a growing phenomenon for businesses as a way to increase their awareness to customers. They often lead to a higher level of interaction with the brand and develop loyalty that influences customers to spread the word to their circle of friends. Any business that wants to flourish in today’s online world must consider videos and video sharing sites as a means to promote their product and develop a legion of loyal followers.

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  1. Some good points here about how videos can be used for brand awareness. Increased awareness usually leads to higher sales, which is pretty important too.

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